Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunset at the pond

Sketch book complete!  
Newsprint style paper inside.
Lilly pads and gold scales paper outside.
Blue binding thread and blue paper on the inside cover
19 cm L by 16 cm w

Golden pomegrantes

Here is a finished book!  Finally!  This is the same size as the books in the previous post.  This was the mock book for this style.  Its cute and small and fits in your purse so you can carry it with you as a sketch book, diary, or notepad.  

Production in motion

Well, I've been busy creating books!  Hooray for being productive!  They are just simple and fun.  Im working on mixing patterns and colors.  Its a nice way to jump back into art.  These are just the covers of new books, most of which are only halfway done.  Many of them need more paper, more collage.  They are a little boring still, so heres the teaser:

They are all the same size: 20 cm by 16 cm.  They are all open, so the spine of the book runs down the center.  

Monday, September 19, 2011


I made a website!  If i buy the domain name it wouldnt have to say "weebly."  Check it out.  It needs a bit of a clean up and new art work.  Someday I'll get my life together.  Hopefully sooner than later.


click me!

ps: i appreciate any and all feedback :)