Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning Lessons

Drawing a face is hard.  Especially when its at an angle.  And especially, well, anytime.
However, I am amazed that i can put colors on paper and create this.  It's not perfect and there are problems to the drawing, but i have figured them out and will try to better next time.  It's still a little crazy to think that all i started with is white paper and pastels.  

Pastel on rives BFK
11" by 14"
and yes, its suppose to be a self portrait

Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally! geez...

So it's been while since in've done any art making.  I guess taking a ton of photos on my Holga counts, but not really.  I have finally mustered up some courage to attack and revive my art making skills.  I also got to use my beautiful easel for the first time.  Yippee!  I couldn't find a photo of my own to use, so i found a painting by Jennifer Anderson who i think is amazing.  I don't think the color is the best on my drawing and its a bit skewed too.  However, i think i did get the sculptural part f the head down, which usually is a bit tricky for me.  Capturing pale skin is extremely difficult, mastering any skin color is pretty difficult actually.  But alas, here is my attempt:

almost finished

pastel on rives bfk,  10.5" by 14"