Monday, February 23, 2015

Waiting… … … … … … …


7.5" by 7.5"
February 2015

I don't want to.
I don't think i can.
"It's not ready. We need more time, for it's not ripe yet."

(silence. sigh)


I'll try.

"For if you wait, you will experience all the delicious flavors that are meant to be eaten, consumed, and enjoyed.  You'll experience all the benefits of the fully ripe fruit.  I'm giving you what you want and are asking for, but you must be patient.  And wait."


Thank you.


I trust you.
psalm 27:14  

John 15:1-17

4. Remain in me and I will remain in you. 

We will bear much fruit if we remain in Him, but waiting for that fruit to grow is sometimes more challenging to me than being pruned. I've been learning patience and perseverance, but man is that challenging. Character building and long suffering are not things I often look for in life. In fact I rather run from them.  Over and over there are stories of God's people waiting.  For like years and years, sometimes 20, 40, and hundreds.  We are still waiting for the return of Christ and that date is unknown.  I've learned that during these times of waiting we can either take things into our own hands (acting as if we are to solve them) or we can literally wait on God and let Him guide us step by step.  Human nature tends to take control over our situations, our problems, our life.  Meanwhile God is waiting for us too.  He is waiting for us to run to Him, cling to Him and seek Him.  These are not revolutionary ideas here.  They are simple.  He wants our love and He wants us to know we are loved by him.  For in those moments of being in His love we can find the ability to wait  until the fruit is ripe and at its full potential.  

Once the waiting is over and the fruit is ripe it will be more thrilling, sweet, and worth the wait for it will be ready and at its full potential.  And our trust in the Lord will only be strengthened.  

Lord, I trust you.