Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the sweet and quiet type

I made yet another book.  This one is much more subdued that Mr. Frankie.  When  i look at it, the one word i think of is "sweet."

Again, the photo is a bit overexposed.  The size of the book is 8.5" by 6" and yes the paper does extend a  little bit out of the cover.  These were not made for the perfectionist, and they were not made by one either ;)  They are merely made for looks, durability, and of course for use.

There is a sweet silver embellishment down the side of the cover and the spine is bound with a navy thread.  The paper is a soft pale gray and the type is the beautiful and luscious Reeves BFK (my favorite drawing paper).  And the inside cover is a beautiful treat of turquoise: 


Frankie, my Love.

I created my first sketchbook of the monster series.  I thoroughly enjoy this series.  I added some red/orange fleshy paper to jazz up the inside:

My camera is a little overexposed, so things seem a bit washed out.  I will soon have better quality images once i ask a friend to document my work for me, but until then i will work with what i have.  
Here is an image of the front and back:

The paper is a pretty nice white sketching quality paper.  The size is not to big and not too small.  Just right for the wandering traveler wanting to capture what he or she may find along the trail.  There are a little over 70 pages to fill.  


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I love the Library!

There was a book sale at the Library the other day so i bought some great "classics" to make new journals/sketchbooks with.  I am really really excited for the monster series!  They are a great size for sketching.

these are about 5" by 8"
(I would like to be that guy at the top of the mountain)

these are about 8" by 10"
i want to give Frankie a high five!
A few weeks ago The Ranch Church had their Vacation Bible School.  They asked me to paint a backdrop for the kids from one of their pieces of canvas.  So I did, in about a day and a half! and here it is:

The theme was tropical rain forest, something like, "wild about God."
(I am sorry for the blurry image, along with the disgusting orange time and date.)
I painted the piece in acrylic and it is maybe 8 ft tall and very wide, maybe 24 ft?  It was LARGE, but I was very glad a could give them a great gift.  I had a great time painting it and a couple friends even stopped by to help paint!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Million children in Ethiopia are orphans

A friend of mine is raising money to adopt a sweet little child from Ethiopia.  The amount of money to take this child home with them is close to a years worth of tuition for a private college.  So, they are having an auction/fundraiser to help them with the cost.  I have donated these two encaustic paintings for their cause.


You many join the party on July 25, 2010 in front of Fess Parker Wine Country Inn from 4-7 pm. 
I hope to see you there!

Your questions can be answered HERE
and if you would like to her about this family's journey wander here

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vino de Suenos (Round 2)

Encaustic on panel
12" x 12"
July 2009

The flames caused the bush to be on fire, yet it did not burn up. It was a sign from the Lord (Exodus Chapter 3) and a personal invitation. This is a bewildering story that can be a challenge to digest. The encaustic painting I have created represents a fire that can never be extinguished nor will it ever harm you. The flames shall remain and be fueled only to awaken your soul for we are meant to meet our Maker.

This piece is for this year's Vino de Sueno which takes place in November.  Im excited to see what wine my piece gets paired with.  They have not updated the website yet but you can see last year's and find out more info about Vino de Suenos you can click here.