Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vino de Suenos (Round 2)

Encaustic on panel
12" x 12"
July 2009

The flames caused the bush to be on fire, yet it did not burn up. It was a sign from the Lord (Exodus Chapter 3) and a personal invitation. This is a bewildering story that can be a challenge to digest. The encaustic painting I have created represents a fire that can never be extinguished nor will it ever harm you. The flames shall remain and be fueled only to awaken your soul for we are meant to meet our Maker.

This piece is for this year's Vino de Sueno which takes place in November.  Im excited to see what wine my piece gets paired with.  They have not updated the website yet but you can see last year's and find out more info about Vino de Suenos you can click here.

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