Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautify Haiti, Project 1

So Praise God, i was able to paint a mural in Haiti!  It was like nothing else i have ever experienced.  One doesnt get to have options when in Haiti.  There's no Home Depot.  There's just a random room in some sorta house next to a hundred vendors staring at us white folks.  Thanks to a dear new haitian friend, Fritz, we managed to get paint. However, it was oil based.  Not the best for clean up (I had my hands cleaned with gasoline for the first time). The paint looked as if it had been sitting in a room for the last twenty years.

 I learned that tools and supplies are important, but they are not what create a piece of work.  It is our hands and mind that produce a work of art.  It really is a just a bonus of you have nice supplies.

So anyways, i documented the proces of the mural:

What we had to work with. 

Some of the boys wanted to help out.  It was pretty fun.

Ta da!

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