Monday, October 3, 2011

Natural Beauty

A while ago i had the idea and feeling that i should to make some art for a band.  A dear friend plays the violin  and sings in this band, they are called The Sassafras Union.  I felt a compulsion to just  create some art for them, not that they have to use it, but its there if they desire to.  So my thought was these could be used for their first album.  The sketches act as frames for portraits of each band member to be in or song lyrics.  They are still very rough and probably in need of many changes, but they are are supposed to be things you can find as you walk through the hills of the valley... and maybe a couple of extra things.   Such as succulents, feathers, horns, skeletons of animals and things you would see wandering the hills of Santa Barbara County, or at least the US.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm in love with these. You are so talented! Thank you!!!

    - Maddy, of sassafras