Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Location: Korea!!

I should have updated this long long ago.  Im sorry.  To those who are wondering.... life is great!

Well, its good.  All i am missing are friends by my side.  I shall find more in time.  However, my flight was wonderful, my boss picked me up from the airport, i stayed at her place the first night because my apt wasn't ready and then I was at the school the next day.  I met a foreigner (someone who speaks english) named Bethany who teaches at my school.  She has been oh so helpful with introducing me to new people and new places.

I've done quite a bit since I have been here.  Shopped at the grocery store (which isn"t too bad) and went on a hike.  There was a great view of Ulsan from the top.  We were able to see the entire city!

As for my apt, well here are some pics:

And heres the kitchen:

Its quite small by American standards, but it does the job and I am starting to slowly feel at home.  I need a desk because i am hunched over on the floor typing on my comp.  Its not the most pleasant feeling.

Oh and this is how i control my heat:

Here, the floors are heated.  Which feels very nice during this cold period.  Then, I press a button for my hot water.  I have no idea what the monitor really says.  I tried to practice my Korean with it, but its pretty difficult.

Hmmmm... what else.  Oh ya!  I work with children.  Its like working in a foreign land with a foreign object that doesn't have an off button.  Double awkward.  Sometimes the classes go well and sometimes they don't.  And occasionally there is that one sweet student who is kind to you or helps me with the class and will translate for other students.  I cherish those students.  And then there are the kids I accidentally make cry.  Its quite unintentional, they must not be used to white people.  They will shape up, and when I am in doubt I usually start coloring with the students.  Most of the time it helps.

I shall post most pictures soon.  I have some from our hike, a field trip to Ulsan Great Park, and of Busan Beach.    

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