Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can I still...


Lately i feel like i can't.  I feel more compelled to put patterns and colors together.  I hope to get back into drawing when i go home.  A little over a month now. :)  I got myself an easel and i'm quite excited to use it and get it dirty.  Here's an old drawing i did a couple months ago.

Its a close up of Jennifer anderson's work.   I'm a bit jealous of her painting skills. 

I know an artist must be better than their materials, but I am waiting for the day to use good materials again.
Its kinda like cooking with bad equipment, or cooking with mediocre ingredients.  It doesn't feel good and you never get the right punch.    Korea doesn't have the best materials for pastels or paper.  They have great ink and patterned paper though.  

I can't wait to use:

Sennelier pastels
Rives BFK paper 

and all my encaustic supplies, along with my wood burning tools.  

I also can't wait for the wonderful (yet harmful) scents that are carried with them all.  :)

36 days and counting.

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