Thursday, April 26, 2012


Where do artists find inspiration?  I hear this question often.  Well, some people are inspired by very specific things and others are not.  We are all different.  It can also vary for what type of art or project you are creating.  For me, it starts with an image i see in my mind which is usually first evoked by a feeling.  From there, I find artists who I admire and want to emulate their style or feel.  Then I find images that I can pull from.  I might just use it for one part, for color, or for form/shape or all of the above.

I am currently working on a very large canvas painting and have acquired a number of images to pull from.  Some of the artists I have been looking at are Alex Kanevsky and Chloe Early.  The rest of the images are for color and for working with water and reflection.

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