Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's about time...

As of lately, I've been overcoming my fear of making art (or attempting to).  It sounds silly, but it's a huge battle.  I see a talent inside me that can no longer be hidden, wasted and thrown out.  And without practicing and doing something that is exactly what will happen.  So this is my attempt to start again.  Day dreaming and criticizing other people's art is not enough, in fact it's cowardly.  It's time to make my own art, and it's terrifying.  Terrifying because I'll be exposed…

As of lately, I often forget the power and the purpose that lies within me.  I want great things to happen in my life, to go to far away places and accomplish great things that one usually finds on the pages of books.  But there is a disconnect in my heart and in my actions.  And between myself and my dreams.  I don't understand where and how to start, and how I (little ol' me?!) could do anything of value or substance.

I've come to realize it just takes one step, one measly step.  This is it.  This painting is not perfect, and it could still use a lot of fixing, but it's a step towards something.  The Lord of the universe has placed every star in the sky and He knows them by name (is that crazy or what?!).  Not only does He know the stars, but He knows me: my heart, my dreams, my desires.  He knows it all.  Its a little terrifying that He knows me so well, and yet so comforting.  With a puzzled face I continue to look towards the stars and towards our God who knows me so intimately, resting on Him to guide me and continue to keep me in His perfect plan.  I will continue to believe that is it His purpose and power that lies within me to accomplish great and wonderful things.

"But you know my name?"
11" by 14"


  1. beautiful! i'm so proud of you, you're very talented!

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  3. Today, give your interesting thing one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.