Friday, November 15, 2013

Some time ago...

Awhile ago, like maybe sometime this summer Jackson Hole Art Association had an event that I participated in.  It was a silent auction where anyone and everyone could participate by creating art on a 5 in. by 5 in. canvas that they supplied.  The artist could build on it, paint it, do whatever they wanted, but the artist was to remain anonymous.  So until the person purchased your piece, they had no idea who created it.  A pretty fun idea!

I have no idea if it sold, i was unable to make it to the event, but I am really hoping that someday I will walk into someone's house and see it hanging on the wall.  And i will be tickled pink.  Here's was i created:

acrylic on canvas
5" by 5"
June 2013 (I think)

For this piece I thought of the line from John Mark McMillian's song, "If your grace is an ocean we'd all be sinking."  I could sit and dream about that for days. 

*Addition Aug 10, 2016* The best part of this story, is that I met a woman, in a yogurt shop that used to be in Jackson.  Said,

-Hi, My name is Alissa.

Hi, Alissaaaaaa, that sounds familiar.  What's your last name?


Did you do a piece for Who Dunnit?


I think i have your painting. 

-Get out!?!?! Really?! 

Ya, like a girl under water?

Ya!  Oh man!! How exciting!!  I always wondered if anyone got that painting! I love that painting.

            And the story continues...  What a trip.  She also mentioned that i was in the paper on the front page.  I had no idea.  We became friends and she later brought me that paper because she had saved it.  I love this story.  It is just so exciting because you just never know what happens when you put your self out there and share your talent with the world.  


  1. Alissa, this is a beautiful representation of this song and idea! Love. And so cool that it got press! Have you heard this version of the song? Think you'll like it if you haven't.

  2. Your art graces my walls! Our serendipitous meeting on the day that you put up this post was meant to be. I absolutely love this piece and I feel even more connected to it now that I have met you. I was tickled pink!
    With joy and thanks - A