Saturday, November 9, 2013

Woodblock printing

This summer I had the opportunity to go to Africa with women from my church.  I am so thankful for that experience and all that took place there.  It was a powerful and awe-inspiring trip filled with the faithfulness of God.  So as a thank you to all who prayed and financially supported me I wanted to make something for them.  I chose a woodblock print because you can make a lot of the same thing and each one is still unique. 

This was my first time doing a woodblock print.  Therefore I had no idea if it would be good or not, but  I was pretty determined and had longed to do something like this for awhile.  Through these photos i can give you a general idea of how I went about such a process.  If you are looking to really do this I can either show you or I'm sure you can find a better demo on youtube.  ;)  But, if you know someone personally who has done this and are interested have them show you.  Its more fun that way.  

First step, draw it out in pencil.  I had to add white because those were actually the parts i would be cutting away.  Its backwards from just drawing on paper.  So i had to really control and think about what i was doing.  

Step 1: draw it out

Step 2: Begin cutting it away.  I used a couple different tools.  I would suggest wearing safety goggles or glasses to protect your eyes.  

Step 3: Keep carving away.

Remember to make sure what you have carved away is deep enough so that it won't pick up any ink. 

Step 4:  Ink it!  Keep the ink even using a brayer.

ta da!

Step 5: Press it!!  Make sure your paper is on a hard even surface.  We put a felt cushion on the table to soften the blow.
And find a man of great strength if you do not have your own press.  I don't have enough weight to make a even or legible print.  So I had a man about 3 times my size help me out.  

Step 6: Keep pressing!  Make as many prints as you need/want.  And make sure to let them all dry and number, title and sign them.  

And here's a creepy pic of me super excited with the outcome.  

So back to the reason I did this....  as a thank you to all who supported me.  And my idea behind the piece is to remind us of Africa and our King as a lion.  My prayer for you is that your spirit will be awakened and you will "arise" to the calling He has on your life whatever that may be.  Enjoy and know how loved you truly are. 

Spet 2013

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